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por Eduardo Ortiz Moreno



Poeta estadounidense

Library of Congress (LP)

Robert Lowell Reading his own poems

en la voz de
Robert Lowell

De "Lord Weary´s castle"

   The quaker graveyard in Nantucket

   The slough of Despond

   Where the rainbow ends

De "The mills of the Kavanaughs"

   Falling asleep over the Aeneid

   The fat man in the mirror

De "Imitations"

   Eugenio Montale s Dora Markus

   Boris Pasternak s In the woods

De "Life studies"

   Skunk hour    

   Ford Madox Ford    

   For George Santayana    


De "For the Union dead"

   For the Union dead

   The mouth of the Hudson

   July in Washington

De "Notebook"


   These winds

   The river god