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Político, escritor, primer ministro del Reino Unido y Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1953

London Records (LP)

The voice of Winston Churchill

en la voz de
Winston Churchill

Side one - Band 1

   You asked what is our policy Without victory there is no survival - Corporal Hitler

Side one - Band 2

   War, september 1939

Side one - Band 3

   Fall of the government - Prime Minister - Whatever happens at Dunkirk - Dunkirk evacuation - Fight on the beaches - Their finest hour - Never in the field of human conflict

Side one - Band 4

   Invasion of Britain - Battle of Britain (september 15, 1940)- Like the Mississippi (Let it roll)- Battle of the Atlantic - Give us the tools    

Side two - Band 1

   Victory V broadcasts - United we stand, divided we fall

Side two - Band 2

   Hitlers corroding fingers - Invasion of Russia - Do your worst, and we will do our best

Side two - Band 3

   Meeting with Roosevelt - How near is the US to war? - Japan attacks Pearl Harbor - Look at the Londeoners - Some chicken... some neck - Blood, tears, toil and sweat

Side two - Band 4

   The atomic bomb - The iron curtain - This is your victory

Side two - Band 5

   President Kennedy, A proclamation, Washington